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Get 30 Days of meditations, guidance, quotes and these much anticipated bonuses.

  • Longer meditations!
  • Tips for creating and SUSTAINING a consistent meditation practice.
  • Full download capability for the entire 30 Inspired Days of Mindfulness meditations so you can take them anywhere.

“I have been practicing meditation sincerely for over 35 years. “30 Inspired Days of Mindfulness” has helped to refresh and renew my practice. The format is simple, clear and engaging.”
~ J.K. Organic Farmer

The easy to use and highly praised 30 Inspired Days of Mindfulness is the best it’s ever been, welcome to the “Inspire Me Experience”. Hundreds of you have gone through the program offering wonderful feedback on how we can make it even better… I’m happy to say, we listened!!

Meditate longer with ease:

  • The Zen 10 Guided Meditation
  • The Sunny 20 Guided Meditation
  • The Flirty 30 Guided Meditation

Finally start a daily practice (it’s easier than you think):

  • “I Meditate Every day”: A Lazy Person’s Guide to The Meditation Habit

Download ALL Meditations:  

All guided meditations and the “I Meditate Every day”: A Lazy Person’s Guide to The Meditation Habit PDF are 100% downloadable right to your computer or mobile device so you can take them with you anywhere and have them forever.

“It was an easy way to start the day mindfully before anything else disrupted my intention to do my own practice.  More often than not I would simply relocate from computer to my usual place of meditation.  Teachings were progressive and clear.”
~R.K. Physician

Don’t wait! Meditation is a practice that is difficult to start and you are about to be inspired!!

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“I stumbled upon Unshakable Mind and was very pleased with their 30 day meditation. It was comprehensive, focused and easily implemented into my schedule.  I referred several people to Unshakable Minds 30 Day Mediation program too!  Thank you Unshakeable Mind for being part of my journey of evolving.”
~A.S. Speaker, Writer, Coach at Your Story Matters 

Bonus Guided Meditations

Take 10 and ease into a calm rejuvenation with The Zen 10.


Need a pick me up? Take a Sunny trip to a better state of mind…


Time to feel the love… open the heart with this 30 minute journey.



Creating a Consistent Practice

Do you have a hard time establishing a consistent meditation practice? This 26 page helpful guide is full of tips and tricks to help you develop a daily meditation routine.


Find Daily Motivation with Inspired Quotes?

hand painted enso symbol hand painted enso symbol

“Awareness of meditation has become mainstream, but I think if you ask people if they think meditation is beneficial they would say, “yes” but if asked if they practice regularly they would probably answer, “no.”   I’m glad I decided to give it a shot.  The brief descriptions or thoughts which precede the 5 minute audio meditation help prep the mind for the concept of the day and I found them quite interesting…”
~ T.H. Real Estate Investor

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Screen shot 2014-11-13 at 12.18.06 AM

More Love for 30 Inspired Days of Mindfulness….

What a great way to start everyday . First some useful inspiration and then a nice quote then finished off with a short guided meditation . The perfect combo for a busy life. It’s made my day more enjoyable .

~ B.K. Mechanic

“30 Inspired Days of Mindfulness” is a wonderful way to get on the right path to consistent meditation, the path to true happiness. I have suffered for years from my own mind and am blessed enough to say my eyes are finally open. Thanks to Cayce and the “30 Days” I finally feel I am on the right path. I feel happy and free, truly free for the first time. I encourage you to give it a try. The quotes are beautiful and Cayce’s insight and peaceful voice are the perfect recipe for recovery.

~ R.S. Artist 

“Unshakable Mind’s “30 Inspirational Days of Mindfulness” is a lovely daily reminder to stay present. Cayce provides guided meditations, daily quotes, and brief excerpts on the day’s focus. Cayce really dedicates himself to each theme, and it’s not only touching, but it’s also an inspirational to see how many like-minded peace seekers there are out there. This is a great way to reduce stress and to have a daily practice. There are days when I feel I don’t have time to practice yoga or lengthy meditation, but the “30 Inspiration Days” make it hard to say no as they are brief and they do knock a little sense into you ;). If you’re looking for happiness, peace, bliss, relaxation, why not start here?”
~S.G. Reiki Healer, Yoga Instructor, Ayurveda Student


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