Unshakable Mind provides resources that act as a bridge for awakening. As awakening is experiential the resources of Unshakable Mind are geared towards one experiencing the profound directly, instead of digesting mere conceptual information.


Founder Cayce Howe has studied and practiced meditation for over 20 years. He has lived for over 5 years at ┬ámeditation retreat centers and has had the privilege to be taught by some of the world’s most renowned meditation masters. Cayce deepened his experiential understanding considerably by completing a 1-year closed retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

To end strife,

One must end opposition,

The root of which is mind.

Right and wrong,

Good and bad,

Past and future,

Joy and sorrow,

Desire and aversion are all

Created by this thought factory.

Taking the attention away from mind is

A movement toward peace.

– Wu Hsin

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